The Secret to Be a Writing Machine


If you are reading this, probably you might have thought over many a times to become a writer. We appreciate you for that.

Trust us that is a good decision you have made. But maybe, you might have gotten demotivated with the setbacks you’ve faced. That’s normal! You don’t need to worry about that!

Being a writing machine is every writer’s dream. This dream can be a reality if you know just these 3 important things.

Are you ready to materialize your dream of being a writing machine?

Here we go

Even before we start off, what’s the most difficult thing about writing? You might say finding time. I would say it is finding the ideas you feel motivated to write about. Do you agree?

So, let’s look at how on Earth to come with ideas that interest us.

Coming up with Ideas You Love

First, let’s acknowledge that ideas pop up when we want. Duh! Acceptance 101

Ideas are something that come when you are most creative. Guess what, you are more creative than you think you are. Creativity comes and goes in bursts.

We have no control over that. One way to deal with this is to develop this one tiny habit: DOCUMENTING.

Carry a Pocket Book

You don’t smartphone when stepping out, right?

Same way, carry a pocket notebook with you, wherever you go.

Remember, creativity just comes and goes whenever it wants. So, this time when you get your burst of creative thoughts, note them down.

Listen to Real Life Conversations

This can be a great resource. Real life conversations give you solid ideas to work with.

In fact, most content creators from film directors to art directors, follow this. It could be as simple as listening to your spouse, mother, friend, or colleague.

Listen to them intently when they speak. Observe how they speak, what they speak of and their expressions.

Now if you are writing a fictional story; trust us, this technique of observation comes very handy. It is content for you to ruminate on to develop your book.

Works for Non-Fiction Too

Yeah, this technique has you covered as well. You know, most of the ideas are best explained through stories that connect to real life.

Check out the intro of this article for that matter! It started off with the most relatable experience of writers. It then transitioned to the subject matter.

While this is something you follow, there are two other valuable things that you can follow to boost yourself up with ideas and start working on your writing

Researching your Genre - Read! Read! Read!

This gives you more context.

Say, you decide on writing a detective fiction. You could try reading authors from Edgar Allan Poe to say Conan Doyle to Agatha Christie.

You could always take inspiration from these authors and start developing your own point of view.

Any great writer is first a great reader.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments about the current book(s) you’re reading!

I don’t Find Time...

Yeah, we know you might say, “Well all these ideas seem great! But I do not have time to do all of that!”

Well, we wanna be that good Samaritan and help you in managing your time so that you can start writing and enjoy being an author.

Writing daunts us because we think that we need to get it all in one go. The truth is far from it.

Taking It One Step atA Time

Break Down your Goals

Chunking tasks into smaller ones help you a lot. Break down your writing goals say into daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Starting From an Outline

It is always a good idea to start with an outline. As underrated as this might seem, it is very crucial. Outlines are big timesavers. They provide direction when we feel lost.

Once you have the outline developed, the remaining part is as simple as filling in the outline.

The next step is developing the body. This way you would have a draft to fall back upon.

Something You Must Avoid

Do not edit while you write. Both are entirely different processes. Editing follows writing.

Celebrating the Achievement!

Hurray!! Now you have a written material ready. Don’t worry even if it is a few 100 pages.

Because come on hey you need to appreciate yourself. There is a significant progress.

You have become a person who has written a few 100 pages from someone who wished to write but had not written anything. So that is a big progress.

Being a Published Author Never Got This Easy

Now there is just one step you could take to become an author from a writer. Well, wondering what that step is?

Approaching a Publishing House.

For your work to be heard in the world, it is vital to be published. Also, a publishing house can offer you some more professional services to fine tune your work in terms of editing, proofreading, layout, and the like.

We at WNP understand the importance of these intricacies. Getting your ideas published is our top priority

We are open to anyone who wants to be an author. Our motto is to publish your work and made you be heard in the world. You write, We Publish

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