5 Super Cool Benefits of Self-Publishing

Okay, so you have put in a lot of time and effort on completing your book. This is your first time and you want everything to go well.

You go ask your friend or your colleague about getting the book published. And after an interesting discussion over a coffee, you are confused!

Enter Monologue...

Should I approach a traditional publisher? What if the traditional publisher rejects me? Or should I approach a self-publisher? Okay. I’ll approach a self-publisher... What if self-publishing does not give me an audience?

Been Through This?

Then this is the article for you. Sip your coffee and read through the benefits of self-publishing

1 Creative Freedom with Self-Publishing

One thing is that self-publishers are always open to writers who love experimenting with style and form. Is this something you do? Let us know in the comments.

Even as an experienced writer, you get creative freedom with self-publishing! Yeah, you read that right. FLEXIBILITY is at the core.

Talking of flexibility, one of the biggest advantages of self-publishing is that you do not have to adhere to pressurizing deadlines.

You know, most writers have a day job. Sometimes the job may not let you focus on your writing. It might get difficult to dedicate time consistently, especially if you’re a new writer.

And most traditional publishing houses, stick to strict deadlines. Juggling two things might get challenging here.

With self-publishing; however, you’re free to cut yourself some slack.

2. Freedom to Edit and Retain Content

Many times, your original manuscript would be very different from your edited copy. Most of the time, editors trim the content which may change the intention of your copy.

It’s a different story with self-publishing. Basically, you play an active role in editing. Ah! Thinking of the steps involved in editing? Check this out.

Or you know what? You also have the option of hiring an editor if you need.

3 You Can Reach Out To Specific Audience

One of the things that books do best is, build a presence for you! This is especially true when you find the right audience for your book.

Sometimes all you need is a bunch of people that resonate with your content.

With self-publishing, you can achieve this easily. If you choose a genre that is specific to a minor niche, approaching a self-publisher works wonders.

And since you can reach out to a narrow group of audience, there are high chances of you being able to build a tight-knit audience base with whom you can interact directly.

We know what you’re thinking...

“Boy that’s a good idea, but what about the price of publishing?”

4 Cost of Self-Publishing

Maybe your friend - at the coffee table - would have told you that self-publishing is a costly affair.

But, a big BUT, self-publishing is all about giving you, the author, the creative freedom. And that applies to pricing too.

You can choose what you want to do with the publishing process. Based on this, you can choose the services that you want and pay only for so much.

Yeah, that’s the beauty of it. You could check out our packages, which give you a free hand with the features and add ons you want.

5 You Build a Valuable Network

Surprised? A self-publishing house gives you the freedom to approach the book designers you wish to design your book. You are also free to choose the editor you like.

Of course, there would be a lot of other writers, just like you, approaching these designers and editors. Now, this is definitely an advantage for you.

You get to meet these writers too. Or the designers might spill some beans about a writer that they found interesting.

As a writer, having a vast network is gold. In fact, there are a lot of social platforms that nurture communities for writers.

Making the Choice

After all, is said and done, you’re completely free to choose between traditional publishers and self-publishers.

You can always evaluate what is important to you and choose what works best for you.

You might be someone who needs tight deadlines and concrete structures to work on your book. Or you might be someone who loves the organic process of writing and publishing your book.

Choose what you resonate with the most.

If self-publishing is your calling, our doors always open for you. Our motto is to help you publish what you write.

A word of yours before you leave will help us help you write more words. The comment section is all yours for the taking :)

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