5 Benefits of Having an Author Blog Revealed

Hey there dear writer! We know you’ve already decided to write a book. You’re cocksure about it.

The moment you are firm on this, you check some communities online and stumble upon blogging. In short, “To Blog or Not To Blog” stares coldly at you.

The answer to that dilemma is blogging helps you with a lot of things in your book writing journey. Well, there’s a catch to it. IT TAKES TIME. But it is worth it

Blogs Help You Build A Solid Community for Yourself

Let’s get three things out of our way even before we jump into the benefits. These three things help you take immediate action for blogging.

I. Setting Up Blogs with Blogger or WordPress

Now if you’re really new to this, you could start off with blogger. It’s fairly simple, like signing up on Google and you have it ready in five minutes, and bam you can have your first post up and live.

You could also check out WordPress. In fact, it’s the most user friendly and most relied upon blogging interface.

It’s also important that you buy a hosting domain and purchase your own website. This way you have complete control of what you write.

Here’s a free video on how to do that.

Feels Too Much, Eh?

Okay, if building an author website and maintaining it seems Greek and Latin to you, we could help you with it.

II. Starting Off with Your First Article...

The good news is that you have a variety of options to start with. You could talk about your journey and what you do. You may even start talking about your industry as well.

If you love talking about your book directly, you could go ahead with that as well. Start off by giving a glimpse into the plot.

Make sure that you choose something that irresistibly interests your readers. It works wonders with fiction.

Coming to nonfiction or self-help, there’s already a lot of people that resonate with the topic that you want to talk about that you can go on writing about it.

III. Consistency is the Key

Yeah, consistency is the key. And this need not be daunting. Ensure that you’re regular. You may post once a month, a week, or a day.

What’s very important is that you choose something that you are comfortable with and stick to that routine.

You start generating consistent enormous content and people slowly start trickling in and commenting on your posts.

Let’s dive into these 5 Killer Benefits

1. Blog Helps You Chunk Your Writing

In simple terms, a book is at least about 70,000 words. Imagine writing that all in a day or a month. Phew! That’s so hectic, isn’t it?

Imagine this, you write a 1000 word blog every two weeks. In about nine months your baby (the manuscript) is ready.

Then you can start editing. With the basic knowledge of editing you can get it easily rolling.

Blogging helps you big time with chunking your work. This way you don’t have to worry much about the most dreaded writer’s block.

In case you do feel the writer’s block, there are a few additional techniques that let you be a writing machine.

Do check that out and let us know what you loved about it.

2. Building Your Own Audience Base

Interact with the audience that comment. Most readers check their comments for a reply. Remember someone who is happy is more likely to buy the book that you launch in say a year or two.

Once you start replying they may get more curious and start interacting with you more frequently. The numbers grow from here.

Say one today may become a 5 in two weeks and 10 in a month (these are just numbers ha!) The response can grow at an exponential rate or at a snail’s pace.

Your goal is to interact with audiences that comments on your posts.

Your community of audience is your golden goose for ideas.

3. Your Community Impresses Agents

The first thing an agent does is to know you better. Providing them with a link to your blog that has an active community, can change your game.

They can’t help but notice an active community that engages in thoughtful conversations. Voila, this might be a great motivation for them to revert to you and help you get publishing.

In the worst-case scenario, if they don’t get back, you can approach us. We’d definitely love your blog and help you get published

4. Finding Your Own Author’s Community

Okay, so let’s face the elephant in the room.

“Writing can make you sometimes feel really lonely”

And it is hard to find people that resonate with you.

Forget sharing your ideas with like-minded people even letting someone know the progress of your work is such an excellent thing in itself.

You know, the online platform can be your great way out. Hard to believe? Check out this blog called journaling. (Ah! You see what we did there?)

It has a lot of authors like you, interacting with each other, sharing their progress, their pain points and whatnot!

5. Power up Engagements Through Blogging

With genuine conversations, people begin to trust you. The trust and the rapport help them understand what to expect from you.

Once they have this clear, they would definitely love buying your book. Remember the most important thing is to be genuine.

The point is not to force a book on people but to actually build a relationship first.

Wrapping It Up

Have you ever thought of starting your own blog as an author? If yes, when was the first time you did think? Let us know in the comments.

And are you already writing your manuscript in a flow state? Then using these writing tools might help you accelerate the process further.

Oh! Maybe you’ve already completed that and are now looking for a publisher. Are you bogged down by their packages? You could check us out we have a free package.

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