4 Benefits of Hiring a Ghost Writer and The FAMOUS PEOPLE Who Hired Them

You have attended several business meetings, or have gone through a life-transforming experience. You have thought 1000 times over to write it all down as a book.

Only if there was 25 hours a day. Time! Ah Time! Poof there is so much work to be done, right?

But have you ever wondered how so many people, especially the entrepreneurs, make it? Write that book that they have always wanted...

The answer is Ghostwriters

Let’s hold our horses and ask ourselves a few things running in your mind right now.

Should you hire a ghostwriter at all? What’s the benefit of having one? And what do they exactly do? Well, let’s dive straight in and explore.

Who’s A Ghostwriter?

For starters, ghostwriters write your book (or any manuscript) for you. But hey, you remain the sole author of the book. Hang in there for a surprising secret on Barack Obama

Now let’s look at 5 benefits of hiring ghostwriters.

You Get Professional Service

Most experienced ghostwriters are professional at what they do. They clearly understand the most suitable voice, the order of your thoughts, and grammatical correctness.

In short, they know how to keep the readers hooked to your book.

You know great language and written content help you establish authority in your own niche. Now you see what you’d be missing out on?

The next one is more valuable than money. Don’t believe it? Read the next section and let’s get back to this

Quick Turn Around Time

Professionals also bring with them quick Turn Around Time. Your book gets completed faster.

This gifts you a lot of time. Both in terms of marketing the book or even focusing on any other thing that matters.

Now isn’t that truly more valuable than money? Having the time to do what you seem fit and love doing.

Letting you in on a secret here...

Although ghostwriters do not guide you with marketing and other related aspects of the book, tapping their network helps you with marketing, sales, or even publishing the book.

Maintain Authenticity

An authentic book is valued the most.

Books that back up claims with proofs or examples win credibility. And ghostwriters are known to be very rigorous in their research process.

So, whatever they write is going to have a tone of authenticity, which is crucial for you as an author.

You’re Free to Customize and Own The Book

You have complete control of the format of the book. You need anything changed, just at the mention of it, everything shall be taken care of.

Once the manuscript is completed, it is entirely your own intellectual property. You just have to pay the fees for the ghostwriting service offered.

“How many people go in search of ghostwriters?”

The answer to your question is quite many actually. Most of the famous autobiographies, self-help, and business books are ghostwritten. So, get ready for the fall of the curtains.

Checking in on The Masters

Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin group had his biography, “Losing My Virginity” ghostwritten.

Christopher Gardner, a renowned stockbroker had his book, “The Pursuit of Happyness” ghostwritten. A movie is made from this book.

One of the other famous self-help books, by Stephen R Covey, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” has been ghostwritten.

Check this out for some more books. Just imagine, how much of their time gets saved by a ghostwriter

Did you know, Barack Obama got his speeches ghostwritten.

To Ghost or Not to Ghost

In conclusion, anybody can hire a ghostwriter who intends to manifest their ideas into a well-written structured manuscript in a short period of time.

One of the major benefits of hiring a ghostwriter is saving yourself the time to do what matters the most to you, while what you do gets written into a book at the same time.

If you’re a business owner, CEO or a person wanting to get a biography, self-help, or a business book written, then you must definitely give ghostwriter a chance to write your book.

Finding a ghostwriter on spot might be a bit challenging. You could always reach out to us and our ghostwriters would be more than happy to help write your book for you

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